Events this Week


    Sunday School is held weekly at 9:45 AM before our morning Worship service. Classes are available from ages 3 and up; your children will have the opportunity to grow and learn about Jesus in a safe and caring environment. Adult Sunday School classes are also offered. Please note that Sunday School does not run on holiday weekends.

  • Sunday I Worship Service

    Join us for our weekly Sunday morning worship service at 10:55 am. If you missed a Sunday, you can follow this link to listen to past sermons: "Sunday Morning Worship".

  • MONDAY I AWANa/Harbour Group/young adults

    Our Awana program runs from 6:30-8:00 each Monday night for ages 3 all the way to grade 6. Kids meet at the church for a fun evening of games, songs, Bible drills, lessons and book work.

    For students in grades 7-12, our Harbour groups also meet from 6:30- 8:00; Harbour groups are a great way to meet with your peers and grow deeper together in your relationship with Christ.

  • Wednesday I Prayer Meeting

    Join us as we meet together each week at 7:00 pm to pray, focusing on a wide range of needs, including the prayer chain requests, our church programs, our pastors, leaders and ministry leaders, as well as other churches, missionaries, the persecuted church, our governments, various trouble spots around the world, and any personal requests brought forward.

  • FRIDAY I YOUTH: You choose the fun

    Our weekly youth event is for grades 7-12, and is held Friday nights from 7:00-10:00pm. Meet at the church for a safe and fun evening with your peers while we learn about God together.

Upcoming Events

  • November 5 I Ladies' Ministries "Not Alone" Study @ 6:30pm in the Fireside Room
  • November 7 I JOY Ministries (50+) @ 2:00pm in the Fireside Room\
  • November 11 I Remembrance Day Office is Closed
  • November 23 I Men's Devotional Breakfast @ 7:30am Please meet at the church for a short devotional and prayer, followed by breakfast at a local restaurant

Daily Reading Guide

We have begun a "Bible in a Year" reading plan, and encourage everyone to participate in this together. This week's passages are as follows: :

Monday, November 4:  Nahum I Colossians 2

Tuesday, November 5: Habakkuk I Colossians 3

Wednesday, November 6: Zephaniah I Colossians 4

Thursday, November 7: Ezra 1-2 I 2 Timothy 1


Friday, November 8: Ezra 3-5 I 2 Timothy 2

Saturday, November 9: Ezra 6-8 I 2 Timothy 3


Sunday, November 10: Ezra 9-10 I 2 Timothy 4



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