Events this Week

  • Sunday I Worship Service

    Join us for our weekly Sunday morning worship service at 10:55 am. This week, Pastor Emmanuel Chiwele will be sharing on "Palm Sunday" from John 12:12-19. If you missed a Sunday, you can follow this link to listen to past sermons: "Sunday Morning Worship".

Upcoming Events

  • July 6 @ 11am I Baby Shower for Tessa Uganecz
  • July 20 @ 2:00pm I Bridal Shower for Kendra Lakey
  • August 12-16 I VBS More details to come

Daily Reading Guide

We have begun a "Bible in a Year" reading plan, and encourage everyone to participate in this together. This week's passages are as follows :

Monday, July 15:  Psalm 13-15 I Acts 11

Tuesday, July 16: Psalm 16-17 I Acts 12

Wednesday, July 17: Psalm 18-19 I Acts 13:1-25

Thursday, July 18: Psalm 20-22 I Acts 13:26-52


Friday, July 19: Psalm 23-25 I Acts 14

Saturday, July 20: Psalm 26-28 I Acts 15:1-21


Sunday, July 21: Psalm 29-30 I Acts 15:22-41



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