Evangelical Free Church of Lac La Biche

COVID-19 Information

**updated July 7, 2021

Hello church family,


Physical distancing, masks and other mandated restrictions will not be required anymore at church. Our Premier has indicated that personal responsibility is of utmost importance going forward and that includes:

- Stay at home if you are sick

- Get tested if you have COVID symptoms

-Those that test positive are legally required to isolate

Maintaining good personal hygiene is recommended

That is it in a nutshell. 

I look forward to seeing you at church. 


Michael Kirylchuk

Board Chairman


Daily Reading Guide

Our 2021 Bible reading program will be focusing on the New Testament, and will only have readings for weekdays- feel free to use the weekends to catch up. This week's passages are as follows:

Monday, July 12:  Luke 9

Tuesday, July 13: Luke 10

Wednesday, July 14: Luke 11

Thursday, July 15: Luke 12


Friday, July 16: Luke 13


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