Evangelical Free Church of Lac La Biche

COVID-19 Information

**updated September 20, 2021

Hello Church Family,


Our Provincial Government has put forward restrictions and mandates to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 as of Thursday, September 16, 2021.

We are now required to follow the ⅓ of fire code occupancy for our church sanctuary and our gymnasium, wear masks while in the church, and maintain a physical distance of 2 meters between family groups. 

Further guidance, when made available to us, will be shared in future updates.


May the Lord Bless you,


Michael Kirylchuk



Daily Reading Guide

Our 2022 Bible reading program has readings for mornings and evenings, or read them all together. This week's passages are as follows:

Monday, January 17:  Genesis 41 I Matthew 13:1-32

Tuesday, January 18: Genesis 42-43 I Matthew 13:33-58

Wednesday, January 19: Genesis 44-45 I Matthew 14:1-21

Thursday, January 20: Genesis 46-48 I Matthew 14:22-36


Friday, January 21: Genesis 49-50 I Matthew 15:1-20

Saturday, January 22: Exodus 1-3 I Matthew 15:21-39

Sunday, January 23: Exodus 4-6 I Matthew 16


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